Design Process

We excel in not only building complex log and timber structures, but in custom designing them as well. Our designers take your ideas and transform them into functional and efficient housing, while creating unique spaces with log and timber. Our experience as a custom home builder allows us to provide better feedback of your overall budget, schedule and process during design. With 30-40 homes designed and built each year choosing to build custom is just one option Tyee Log & Timber offers. Our complete product line of Scribe-fit-log, Log Post & Beam, Timber Frame & Hybrid allows you to select or mix styles to customize your home to suit your needs. We offer numerous sample log and timber home plans on our website.

We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software to detail all our projects. We use Dietrich's 3D-CAD/CAM software, AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit to model and produce accurate log/timber drawings. Dietrich's is a specialty timber frame modeling program that allows us to model all log & timber elements and joinery within a structure to view prior to being built. We can then use this model to refine timber details and avoid conflicts with joinery, other structural elements and other building systems. We can also export this model to be used by engineers, architects and others to incorporate into the overall project model/documents. Overall, BIM allows all project members to view and collaborate the building systems, prior to construction and avoid conflicts - ultimately leading to better buildings and lower costs due to foreseeing design conflicts.

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