Timber frame homes showcase heavy timber design and traditional heavy timber joinery.  Design options are limitless and any floorplan can be used to create your home.

At Tyee Log Homes, we construct a virtual model of the home prior to fabrication so that the owner knows what the final structure will look like.  After this model is produced, we produce shop drawings for each individual piece and fabricate by hand.  We most often provide air seasoned timbers for the frame, however dead standing, radio frequency vacuum  kiln, and recycled timbers are available. We can provide a rough sawn or planed finish and we offer a pre-stain application to protect the timbers during shipping and construction.

Timberframe Covered Patios & Decks

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  • Timber Dormers
  • Timberframe Great Rooms
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  • Large Covered Out-Door Spaces
  • Timber Interior Finishings
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